Brett Randolph

Former Guitarist for Memoirs of a Lost Soul


Brett is mostly average to look at. His thick hair makes styling virtually impossible to deal with. There is a touch of glam to his usual outfit which makes him standout on top of his exceptional playing.

Age: 36 Years Old
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 135 Lbs.
Race: Slavic
Nationality: American


Brett was raised by his grandparents in Midtown. Exploring, he found a trunk in the attic where he found a book. Words jumped in to his small 3 year old mind, changing him. By 13, he went to his first concert and started his lifelong need to collect band t-shirts. He got his first guitar at 16 and began to play every day. After losing his job at 19, Brett started a serious hunt to find a band. Small band after small band, he found his way to Corey’s band.

Once side-projects began, Brett reached out to other bands already working with the various scenes, settling on a industrial metal band Slag Heap, mimicking the bands like Coal Chamber and Devil Driver. The fit was perfect, and moving to Corey’s label got them quickly to touring. Brett and Troy have an unspoken rivalry for biggest star within the label. Neither are mean about it, but both are passionate about being the best.

Personality Traits: Star struck by famous people, dedicated to music and those who live it. Picky eater. Peacemaker.

The early music days of Brett in the 80’s.

Brett Randolph

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