Craig Glass

Former Keyboardist for Memoirs of a Lost Soul


Craig isn’t big on being showy or flashy. When not on stage, he tends to dress down, enjoying a more homespun look. On first appearance, he seems nice and cordial. But when pushed, Craig’s personality can flip like Jekyll and Hyde.

Age: 37 Years Old
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5’ 6"
Weight: 111 Lbs.
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: American


Craig was born and raised in a self-sustaining commune, devoid of money and most possessions. Seeing it as a threat, the commune was shut down by force. Craig lost his biological family that day. Given to a foster family, he was raised like any other kid. By 8, he picked up art and drew constantly. As a freshman, he met the love of his life and taught himself how to play piano in order to serenade her. Times being tough forced him into a dark path. In the two years following graduation, he joined a gang of highway robbers, earned a rival, and became an informant. The rival wants him dead. At 21, his wife and him had a little girl.

When Corey began working on his record label, Craig got involved in the sound editing side of it. And when the others struck out on side projects with other bands, he continued to help the sound of those bands in the studio. Craig never really caught the limelight bug, preferring to stay behind the scenes. Now the head sound tech for the studio, Craig directs much of the sound studio work of the label, which is fine with him.

Personality Traits: Dislike authority, very blunt, angry, immoral, harsh, well-mannered

The stage look he took during Memoirs.

Craig Glass

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