Desiree Everett

Corey's Daughter


Daughter of Corey and now Keeper of the Carthian Laws, she is bound to them and the city in ways no human naturally could. Much to the dismay of her mother, Traci, the darkness of the Kindred world calls to her soul. In her youth, she spoke to ghosts and attended her father’s concerts of goth metal. As a teen, she is an outcast to all except those that accept the truth of the world. Those that do not shy from the harsh reality around them.

Her mother and step-father try to normalize her, make her like one of the others. But where her mother begrudgingly understands as she too once walked that road, her new step-father only sees a troubled young girl in desperate need to be saved.

In the Kindred society, she is trained by Gary in Carthian Law weekly at Gillian’s compound and the coterie’s safe house. In one year, she will be graduated and free from the child laws that whole her back. Both Traci and Corey wait nervously to see where she goes when her shackles are gone.

An early picture during the 80’s when her family was complete.

Desiree Everett

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