Tess Thompson

Book-Smart Turned Feral




Tess Tompson, looks to be around her early twenty’s. Just entering college, out of state away from her family. On her own for the first time. Freedom, finally as come to be on her own without someone always nagging her or pushing her to do things she didn’t want to do. Freedom has finally come, where she can be who she wants to be and dress and look how she’s always felt inside, always feeling different from the rest, somewhere deep inside that she never really fitted in with the rest of her past school mates or people that they didn’t get her on a different level or understand. She’s above average in her book smarts, and is good at sports which is partly the only reason that got her here to Gotham riding on scholarships and her too busy parents.


Staying at the dorms, she spends a lot of her time alone, till she get’s invited out one night at a party, till later that night, after too many drinks and being ditched by her dorm mate, she stumbles warily trying to find her way back, too many turns and wrong ways lead her to a dark path all new to her own, She ends up in a park, too dizzy too dark too sick. She curls up on a park bench when the unexpected happens and is in for a thrill of her new un dead life. Fight or Flight? Tooth and claw to survive the night. Time to leave her old ways behind..

Tess Thompson

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