Traci Everett

Corey's Ex-Wife


Traci used to love the modern goth look. Time has taken it’s toll and now dresses more conservatively. The rest of the time she is working had dresses in scrubs. Her overall demeanor is quiet, with a tinge of darkness coming from her bleak outlook for the rest of humanity and the direction they seem to be going.

Age: 36 Years Old
Hair: Long Black
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 144 Lbs.
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: American


Traci, her older brother & sister, were raised by their grandparents after a tragic event that killed their parents. A illness she gained at the age of 11 warranted an experimental medicine which resulted in her healing faster than normal. By 14, she had made friends with a master chef and taught her how to cook. She gained an excellent education. After meeting Corey, she instantly fell for him and quickly got married. With Desiree completing the family, Traci feels pretty good about her life despite the pain of her job.

After the event of the house and it’s possession came to the forefront of her mind, on the behest of Corey, she realized that she could never have a normal life with him. They she was doomed to die alone as he moved on to the next thing. She feared that Desiree would lose the chance to have a normal life too if she wanted one. The feeling of this coupled with the growing insecurity of Corey’s vampiric nature pushed her to leave him. She doesn’t hate him, though she does disagree with his parenting choices when it comes to Desiree.

Now remarried, her current husband is a sweet man, with a good job and a stable provider for the family. It kills her. All the action and excitement from her life is gone. Being around Corey reignites it, urging her to cheat on her husband and go back to that life. Those feeling pains her and angers her, which she takes out on Corey and Desiree. A small part of her is jealous of her own daughter, something Desiree sees.

Personality Traits: Looks up to a writer, still has a childhood toy that reminds her of her parents, loves to have fun. Imaginative, Mysterious, Insomniac

When she was still married to Corey.

Traci Everett

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