Troy Rhodes

Former Drummer for Memoirs of a Lost Soul


Troy has a violent vibe to him which really shows when he drums and when he drinks. The rough and tumble attitude buzzed around everything he does, which gives him the wild man appearance.

Age: 34 Years Old
Hair: Dirty Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6’ 4"
Weight: 231 Lbs.
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: American


Troy grew up poor in Little Stockton where he was raised by his older sister. At a young age, when other kids were tackling the troubles of school and toys, he was pushed into the life of organized crime. Starting as a lookout for thugs, he rose to more violent acts. At 12, he saw his sister drug off and devoured by a wild beast, leaving him alone in the world. The mob made sure he got a typical education. By 13, the crime family disbanded an moved by to their country of origin. Once again, alone in the world and without direction, he left school to find food. At 18, he almost became a victim of a killer, being saved by the sacrifice of someone else.

Troy saw that staying in Gotham would never get him the level of success had hoped for with Memoirs. Although he appreciated the chance to work with a great and talented band, he wanted more. So when Corey suggested he work on a side project, Troy didn’t ask twice. Grabbing only Claudia for it, they formed Burning Decent, cashing in on the emerging industrial scene. When Corey announced the end of Memoirs and that he wanted to produce with his own label, Troy was relieved. He stays busy touring and working with Corey, and will never treat Corey as a boss, but a friend and fellow band mate.

Personality Traits: Loves the Gods, holds on to a book, wants all the ladies he can. Immoral, Morose, Violent

His crazy drummer days during the Memoir years.

Troy Rhodes

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